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Get all the information you need to know about mypadi and become a real estate investor today with as low as N150,000

About MyPadi

My padi is a joint ownership that allows 2 to 5 people to come together to own a property. With as low as N150,000, YOU CAN BECOME A PROPERTY OWNER IN THE HEART OF Lagos State, Nigeria.
Do you have a gang of super cool friends or colleagues?
My padi provides you and your friends the opportunity to invest in real estate easily at an affordable rate and earn RENTAL INCOME for life.

How It Works

We have laid down a guideline on how to get started in 4 easy steps!

Explore Available Properties

Fairfield Apartment

One Bedroom Apartment

Abijo, Lagos State.

Fairfield Apartment is geographically located at Abijo in an awesome environment with awesome facilities and features carefully crafted with our clients in mind. View product details
N18,000,000 / Up to 24 months payment plan

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