Millionaire kids

For the future of your kids, it is wise to start investing early and this investment opportunity helps you achieve that

About Millionaire Kids

This product was created to help children own income generating assets from a tender age. Also to provide financial stability for the parents so as to provide some assurance for the childrens future.
With millionaire kids, it is easy for parents to purchase income generating properties for their wards. This is ensured with the affordable prices of the properties, flexible and comfortable payment plans. Children and parents also get to enjot incentives when they subscribe to this products such as familt getaways, educational clubs for children, discounts at certain stores when shopping.

Product perks

Our Target Audience

Our target audience include parents with children within the age of 0-16 years old. and expectant couples as well.
If you fit into this category then this plan is for you!

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Start your Child’s journey of owning a home with as low as N1,000,000

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